Thyme To Breathe steam

Thyme To Breathe steam

Thyme To Breathe steam

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Thyme to Breathe is a blend of herbs to target your upper respiratory system and clear it out. 

Herbal steams add a missing touch to your skin care routine and optimize hydration with graceful aging. 

 Target pesky skin pores and calm red irritated skin during steaming

Best as an at home facial followed by hydrosol and head to toe botanical oils. 

Made with  Organic Thyme, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Oregano

How to Use 

Place handful of herbs in small pot of water on stove, simmer on low and cover to capture steam.

DO NOT BOIL. A lower simmer will do it. 

Keeping it covered until you are ready to place your face over the steam is important to keep all the plant compounds.

Place a large towel over your head and take lid off your herbs.

Breathe in and out while steaming your face for 15-30 min

Spray hydrosol on skin with favorite facial moisturizer!